Espace Plein #4
January 2020

This program is the result of being alive in a specific auditory context, it is a route in which some sound notes of the last days of 2019 and the first days of 2020 in different territories are subjectively shown, to which it is possible discover with the next coordinates:

38.176959, -1.368519

38.176939, -1.36854638.181182, -1.376996

38.179498, -1.37353338.179694, -1.373429

38.179788, -1.373262 37.979160, -1.133956

38.465592 – 2.236883 38.410504, -2.315006

38.409886, -2.314834 38.186953, -1.373333

Developed with the soundscapes of Blanca’s town with Yasemin Nur Erkalir voice, Molinico’s town with the voices of Mariano Bravo, Verónica Sanz, Jose Manuel Hernández e Ismael Bravo, the nature of the town of Rala with Román Bravo singing as a bird, the reflection workshop Entre Líneas, a voice exercise, Tras la Herida, exhibition with the sounds of Selu Herráiz, Juan Conesa, Abraham Hurtado, Elena Azzedín, Francesca Carbone, Aurora Rodríguez And what does democracy mean? sound art work by Úrsula Bravo.

Thanks to physics for giving us sound phenomenology. All sound landscapes have been recorded with Zoom H3-VR. Edited, produced by Úrsula Bravo and musicalized in collaboration with Josman for TeslaFM. 2020