Space Oddity Recollection #7
January 2020


Original music produced by Maciej Jaciuk aka SqrtSigil, a sound artist, a co-author of many musical projects and one of the founders of the Kołobrzeg-based label Plaża Zachodnia.
The mixtrack contains pieces from the artist’s solo sound projects, including:
* Tracks: A2, B1, B4 from the album ‘Lost In’ released by the Polish record label Szara Reneta
* Tracks: x3, x6 from the album ‘Materia’ released by the Swedish record label Purlieu Recordings
* Tracks: Lapidarium and Padnormal from the Ep Lapidarium

and also the following pieces:
*Deep Sleep
*Rail Traak
*Salty and healthy

For more SqrtSigil music, please visit:


Enjoy the mixtrack, january 2020’
produced by monikapich