Abril 2020

Nurse With Wound – The (Track 2 of CD1 from “Trippin’ Musik or The Fall of the Eye of Sound”)
Massicot – Saule
Ramuntcho Matta – Zoique III
Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos (excerpt)
Coil – Who’ll Fall
CS + Kreme – Time Is a Bozo
Laila Sakini – Like a Gun
O Yuki Conjugate – Out of Nothing
Andrew Liles – A Secret Place Where Goldie Dances
Gigi Masin – Cry Winds or Flames
Raviv Gazit – Kurdania I
Venus Volcanism – Red Little Rose
WaqWaq Kingdom – Ozu
Coil – Light Shining Darkly
Krikor – Sally Hardesty
Enno Velthuys – Untitled