Flushing Toilets #2

Abril 2019

1.- How to Fix a Toilet – Flush Valve Replacement_Part 1
2.- Kathleen Hanna “The Middle Of The Night In My House”_Olympia, Washington. 1991.
3.- Anne Clark “Sleeper in Metropolis”. 1983
4.- COUM Transmissions “Welcome to the Alien Camp”.
5.- William S. Burroughs and Kurt Cobain “The Priest They Called Him”, Tim/Kerr Records
TK9210044, 1993.
6.- Denise Levertov “Six Poems: ‘Settling’, ‘Open Secret’, ‘Tragic Error’, ‘The Danger
Moment’, ‘A Gift’ and ‘For Those Whom the Gods Love Less’” _ Los Angeles. 1993.
7.- Pipilotti Rist Interview: Positive Exorcism. “I always think it’s the only good work I ever
did.” Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist here tells the story of her first art video, which was
made back in the mid-eighties – before MTV arrived on the scene.
8.- Pipilotti Rist “I´m not the girl who misses much”. 1986. TATE collection.
9.- The Interrogation of Kim Gordon, 2017.
10.- Lydia Lunch “You, me and Jim Bean”, 2017.
11.- Marie Davidson “The Psychologist”, 2018.
12.- Charles Bukowski talks about people, unknown date.
13.- How to Fix a Toilet – Flush Valve Replacement_Part 2