Flushing Toilets #22

Febrero 2021

01. Eliane Radigue on music
02. Eliane Radigue – Elimination of Desires (in collaboration with Robert Ashley, English voice; Lama Kunga Rinpoche, Tibetan voice)
03. Yma Sumac Live in Moscow, 1960, performing “Chuncho”
04. Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile _”Голубой вагон” (“The Blue Wagon”)
05. Candy Darling talking with friends _Women in revolt (1971) by Andy Warhol and Paul Morissey
06. Pauline Oliveros_Bye Bye Butterfly
07. Suzanne Ciani_On Omni (1981)
08. 1960s Psychiatric Interview. Hysterical Personality
09. Puccini – Madama Butterfly: Un bel dì vedremo – Maria Callas 1954
10. Taiwanese student plays harsh noise at singing contest
11. Werner Herzog: There is no harmony in the universe
12. Birds in the jungle
13. Same birds but slow