Flushing Toilets #7

Octubre 2019

1.- The Flying Pickets_Only You (extract from Wong Kar-Wai ́s Fallen Angels, 1995)
2.- Merzbow_Promotion Man (from the album Merzbeat, 2002)
3.- Keiji Haino & Sumac_Now I ́ve gone and done it I spilled holy water (just water) over that thing
called helaing music……………………, 2019.
4.- Suishou No Fune_Becoming a Flower (from the album Prayer for Chibi, 2008)
5.- Les Rallizes Dénudés_White Awakenning (Version 2) (from the album Cable Hogue
Soundtrack, 2015)
6.- Dirty Beaches_A Hundred Highways (from the album Badlands, 2011)
7.- Kojun Saitô_Tokyo Story (from Yasujiro Ozu ́s Tokyo Story, 1953)
8.- Boredoms_Super Are (from the album Super Ae, 1998)