Cachichi #39

May 2022

Anderson Chimutu is a first generation Malawian American residing in the city of South Bend, Indiana. Growing up near Chicago and Detroit, Chimutu was exposed to many legends of the regional music scene. This influenced him to get involved with various instrumental bands and djing. He now focuses on solo productions, which integrate the use of granular sound processors and drum machines. This new approach, coupled with the desire to represent his African heritage, has given birth to Fumbata Phiri. His first offer as Fumbata Phiri came in the form of 2020's "Decoherence", released on the Hungarian label Exiles. It followed with "Equipoise", released on UK label Hard Return, "Actuation" released on Eternal Search in 2021, and now in 2022, "Liminal Space" released on Chicago label, Reserve Matinee run by Michael Stumpf (FAITHFUL) and John Daniel (Forest Management). Chimutu wants to challenge the narrative surrounding African-influenced music, and does so by creating what comes naturally to him. Proposing an extension into the future, while being aware of the history that has led him to this point.

01. Justin Tripp and Brian Close as GEORGIA (OOH Sounds) - Story Scene 0:00
02. Evil Medvéd – (0_0) 4:56
03. Noémi Büchi - Battering Times 6:38
04. Joane Skyler - wink 9:37
05. Hiro Kone - Malady of Duration 11:27
06. William Fields - riveru 15:57
07. NZFE - FENZ_pict_test4 20:24
08. Fumbata Phiri - Pios Plurality 23:57
09. Daphne X - I can see right through me 34:24
10. FRKTL - Locations For An Immaterial Essence 36:28
11. Klpflrtr - Random 44:35
12. Alley Catss - chew 46:21
13. Yokai Kai - phonktech 48:40
14. Justin Tripp and Brian Close as GEORGIA (OOH Sounds) - Story Scene - Zipf's Code 50:52
15. SSHU - Under the Pink Sky 54:40
16. Blood Room - Sun Pulse 58:23