Cachichi #5

March 2019

I'm mixing the endings of all the songs I can find in my library right now. It's interesting to hear all the different ways you can end a piece.

There are all kinds of cadences to choose from:
Authentic cadence, imperfect cadence, interrupted cadence, avoided cadence, broken cadence, open cadence, complete cadence, final cadence, deceptive cadence, perfect cadence. And there are all kinds of endings as well. Double endings, soft endings, sharp endings, false endings, accidental endings, premeditated endings, apple stem endings and lizard endings, loud endings and quiet endings, formulaic endings, delays, fade outs, etc. Although sometimes, especially in this mix, there may be an ending without a song, I did not find any songs without endings in my library. Secretly, I've been wanting to revert the ending file and turn it into a collection of starts. But I don't know if it will be enough to reverse it to make it a real start.