Después del Mundo #6

September 2020


AADK Residencies and @Al-Darrax Label present this live mixed improvisation of these four artists meeting for the first time:

Agatha Lewandowski - processed field recordings
Roisner aka François Benner - drum machine and FM synthesizer
Lilith'21 aka Selu Herraiz - metal, wood, mandolin and various objects amplified by piezoelectric microphones
Elena Azzedin - voices

Tracks were recorded from the mixer master. Unedited versions.

1’20’’ – 17’50’’
Don't save yourself
Text: Do not save yourself // Mario Benedetti /// Recite: Elena Azzedin

17’50’ ’- 36’40’’
A fall upwards
Text: What if The Hanged Man speaks? - Arcane XII / The Way of the Tarot // Alejandro Jodorowski and Marianne Costa /// Read by Elena Azzedin

36’40’’ – 61’40’
Text: A Litany for Survival / Audre Lord /// Recite: Elena Azzedin