Digital Entropy #10

DUENDE- Monographic sound fragment dedicated to Spyros Polychronopoulos

The Athens composer and researcher, Spyros Polychronopoulosis responsible for a series of powerful sound explorations over the past two decades.
The LEM edition - was one of his top editions. Reference with hardware device format where he created an endless sound piece.
In this program I will do a short review of Polychronopoulos' previous creations, but mostly I will focus on his latest work, Duende.
Duende, was launched last July. Its title derives from a conference given by Federico García Lorca in Buenos Aires in 1934. In this talk Lorca uses the word "goblin" to refer to the essence of all works of art, the hidden element that we want to touch, but which always remains unattainable.
On this album every sound except for the field recordings is produced by musical instruments that he built specifically for this project. The field recordings were mainly sounds he captured during the quarantine of the current pandemic, in Athens. He made them during the day, in stores where people were socializing, and during the night, in the streets where people were eager to interact.

01. Seventh (Ten numbers, 2009)
02. Fifth (Ten numbers, 2009)
03. p (Ten letters , 2009)
04. anti (Two ants were called, 2011)
05. s (Ten letters, 2009)
06. sixth (Ten numbers, 2009)
07. First (Duende, 2021)
08. Second (Duende, 2021)
09. Third (Duende, 2021)
10. Fourth (Duende, 2021)
11. Fifth (Duende, 2021)