Digital Entropy #13

Nordic Light

Light nórdica, ¿what is it? If you look throughs of the seaduring the nights of June, from the lighthouse of Högbonden in the famous Höga kusten (high coast) of northern Sweden, you will discover that the light appears in a transitional moment when the horizon and the sea merge in the same tone, color and space.


(Produced in 1997 - Released in 2001)

01. Kent Tankred - Detta Är En Uppenbarelse
02. Christian Bock - Akustika Rum, Och Mekaniska Filter
03. Thomas Bjelkeborn - TOF. Daughter
04. Christian Bock - Klippt Hyland
05. Johannes Bergmark - Gråtande Barn
06. Anders Blomqvist/Josef Doukkali - Jaguar Revisited
07. Josef Doukkali - Ferrochrome
08. The Sons of God - Sons Of God Refurnish
09. Johannes Bergmark - Validitetsprincipen
10. Staffan Mossenmark - Wroom
11. Kent Tankred - Be Umf Tomb
12. Christian Bock - The Washington Trials
13. Staffan Mossenmark - Enjoy the Simple Life/Sova