Digital Entropy #17

Meditation mode

This month, Digital Entropy, presents two new projects that move between psychoacoustic and meditative music, and that make me vibrate from the inside.

I thought it was great to bring them together to end the year meditating with good music.

The first project is the new reference "Fauna Mística" from Anarco. Artist from Malaga who in 2005 created the collective Miga in Granada. All the songs are live recordings, inspired by nature and animals, where each track is dedicated to an animal. The first track, "Arcahnocampa", is dedicated to some worms that live in caves in New Zealand, hang from the ceiling and are bioluminescent. They attract insects that eat them. But Anarcois also politically charged, and in the second track the processed voice is of Putin declaring the invasion of Ukraine.

The second project is RESPIRA. An app for meditation in which you can listen to music for meditation by artists such as Ben Lukas Boysen a.k.a Hecq, Loscil, Nailah Hunter, Jónsi, Max Richter,... among many others... a whole festival of psychoacoustics to reset ourselves every day by meditating and breathing consciously.


01. App Breathe - Lullaby
02. Ben Lukas Boysen - Florescent Rain
03. Anarco - Arcohnocampa Luminiosa
04. Loscil - Dust Circles
05. Anarco - Physalia physalis
06. Jónsi, Kjartan Holm, Sin Fang, Alex Somers - Birki 
07. App Breathe - Lullaby
08. Nailah Hunter - Forest Dwelling
09. Max Richter, Grace Davidson - Path 5 (delta) 
10. Anarco - Photinus carolinus
11. Loscil - Red Tide
12. Anarco - Daubentonia madagascariensis
13. Loscil - Vells
14. App Breathe - Lullaby
15. Ben lukas Boysen - Florescent Rain