Digital Entropy #4



Live Coding is a performance practice in which code is written and manipulated live on stage to generate sound and/or video.

More and more artists are taking advantage of the algorithms to make live and improvised electronic music.

Normally, code and sound is generated in real time and projected for the audience to see and enjoy. Live coding sits at the intersection of software culture and art: it allows for new and deeper modes of improvisation.

A form of electronic music that is truly live, improvised and unpredictable.

Tracklist:  [hg(scn)2]
λphonic [Fibonacci In A Minor]
Renick Bell  [Fractal Beats 160316a]
Kindohm  [Live @ ICLC 2016 Algorave, Hamilton, ON, Canada]
Renick Bell [Full Circle]
Repl Electric [?.slices]
Bonnie Rattail [Bonnie Cummings [Tidalcycles_1 – 2019]
Toplap North USA [Improv #1]
Eye Measure [White Wine]
Repl Electric [Flatiron]
all n4tural firehose [voga afternoon]
Dewdrop_world [Live: 2018 Guangzhou International Outdoor Performance Festival]
Yaxu [live @ algorave sheffield 1st sept 2017]
Renick Bell [groove 11.1]
Gavroche [Game Of Thrones]