Digital Entropy #7

Electroacoustic and Tape Music

The artist in this playlist is part of an evolution in electronic music that utilizes the recorder as musical tools and instruments electroacoustic.
The electroacoustic music is generally considered to be a body of art-musicin which composers use technology to manipulate acoustic sounds.
The magnetic tape offered composers a high-quality recording medium that allowed for greater experimentation in the manipulation of recorded sounds.


01. Milton Babbit - Philomel
02. Mario Davidovsky - Synchronism Nº.6 for Piano and Electro
03. Pauline Oliveros - Bye Bye Butterfly
04. t-h-e-p-i-t-c-h - Molecular Motion
05. Mica Levi - Delete Beach (Japanese)
06. Mark Waldron-Hyden - I can't see you
07. Koenraad Ecker - Between the desire and the spasm
08. Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis
09. Steve Reich - Piano Counterpoint
10. Mats Lïndstrom - ONE I
11. Hainbach - Thaw 2
12. Alapastel - Demon
13. Andrew Tomasello - The Grey Days