NOISE is Message #11

November 2021

"Listen to that fine noise that is continuous and that is silence. Listen to what is heard when nothing is made to be heard."
-| Paul Valéry.

Signal Flow ꞊►

#FREQUENCIESLorena Izquierdo Aparicio shares impressions about her work as an artist and sound exploration.

We listened to their work:

Ciao Ciao Cello - I want to see this monster (Fragments)
Ciao Ciao Cello - The Water Girl
Six Ensemble - Lorena Izquierdo (
One Hit, Three Feelings, Five Reasons)
DUO - Lorena Izquierdo, Aziz Lewandowski
Bones and Flower - Lorena Izquierdo, Juan Antonio Miñana, Tony Peña, José Guillén

#PrensAUDIO: We receive it, we listen to it and we promote it. Everything to this >E-Mail<. Marcelo Mellado broadcasts HOGARES SIN TIEMPO.
Shaun Robert's Sound Adventures: Grotto

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