The NOISE is Message #17

May 2022

"The word is indiscreet; it comes to seek you out, it solicits attention...."
-| Eugène Delacroix.

Signal Flow 
Conversationón TRIPLE: NOISE v3.14
#PrensAUDIO: We receive it, we listen to it and we promote it. Everything to this >

Franco Pellini presents Pinball.

8º Festival CAJA NEGRA: Presentation and excerpts of the transmission from San Juan, Argentina.

We listened to Los Payasos Muertos Live from the San Juan Theater.

█ Shaun Roberts Sound Adventures: Tape Recorder Swan Song (1997).

Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.
We recommend the Usage from HEADPHONES.
Integral Production: Franco Falistoco A. with The NOISE is the Mensage and collaborators.

The Soundis El NOISE from Message.