NOISE is Message #18

June 2022

"the sonority of unspoken words..."
-| Marc Fumaroli.


Signal Flow 
At Éhis ROUTE: 
COLD DIFFUSION details about the Festival in the X-Church with a sound system with a capacity of up to 64 channels. On this occasion, 24-channel and two sub-low works will be presented. The festival takes place in the old church X-Church where there is currently a cultural center open to the community. DAZ Disleyone of the curators and co-organizers of the event, is also the developer of the software that will be used for the sound system. We also count with the presentation of the work of Sol Rezza (AR) and Emily Welther (GER). The outcome of the festival will be shared in a binaural broadcast. You can follow the event at here.

We listen to the works
DAZ Disley - 2BAB (Stereo) (64 channel mix with bounce to stereo)
Emily Welther - Body Horizontal (xperiment 1)
Emily Welther - Body Horizontal (xperiment 1, take 2)
Emily Welther - Body Horizontal (xperiment 13)

At Éhis ROUTE: Nicolás Sorin provides details of Solo No1 (Dialog, 2021). At the same time, this release is the sonorous result of his time at Artlab Art Residencies x Amplify D.A.I, where he worked with the artist Efe Ce Elein visuals.

We listen to the works
How Can an Angel Survive
Wake Up
The Sun

█ Shaun Roberts Sound Adventures: factor X - Harold (is still breathing).

Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.
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Integral Production: Franco Falistoco A. with The NOISE is the Mensage and collaborators.

The Soundis El NOISE from Message.