NOISE is Message #20

September 2022

"The voice It's a Print | La Voz es una Huella."
-| Olivia Louvel.

Signal Flow ꞊►
" #FREQUENCIES: About mid 2020, together with Sol Rezza, we had a talk with the artist Olivia Louvel in relation to her work SculptOr. This interview had several nuances, that it was a joint talk (two interviewers), that those involved practically have the same profession (artists) and that it was developed in a bilingual way.
Olivia graciously insisted on trying to carry out the answers in Spanish, which resulted in several unexpected twists and turns, as is often the case with this language, which can get a bit complex at times.
The gratitude, personally, is infinite, not only did she open the doors of her home, but also in her electronic epistolary exchange, she gave rise with her recommendations to other amazing artists like her, who have passed or will soon visit this house.
Listening to the Works
► Studio
► Use Your Own Body
► The Weaver
► A Woman Artist Not Deprived
► Must Carve a Stone
► I Draw What I Feel in My Body
► I, the Sculptor
► The Sound of a Mallet
► Conversation with Magic Stones
Olivia Louvel | SculptOr
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