NOISE is Message #21

October 2022

"If you're a producer, thinking like an artist can be a problem."
-| Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez.

Signal Flow ꞊►

#5 Minutes Anyone Can Do It: Gerardo Figueroa Rodríguez is practically a collaborator of The NOISE is the Message, since 2019 who always gives his suggestions and unconditional contributions. In this opportunity, with stoicism and a dose of irony, he presents himself to us with these 5 Minutes.
Silvio Moiz introduces us to the work of Barbara Togander with a collective work.
" Shaun Robert's Sound Adventures: subterranean Psithurism.

Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.
We recommend the Usage from HEADPHONES.
Integral Production: Franco Falistoco A. with The NOISE is the Mensage and collaborators.

The Soundis El NOISE from Message.