NOISE is the Special Message 10 years

May 2021

"Silence, it is there where the world begins."
-| Nicolas Klotz

Signal Flow ꞊⫸
" In this ROUTE: Sol Rezza tells about INUNDARE (2021) his recent work presented for MUTEK Argentina and MUTEK Barcelona.
" 1TP5SHOULDERS: Lucrecia Dalt presents to Maryanne Amacher.
" Shaun Robert's Sound Adventures: Arc of energy.

Sol Rezza - INUNDARE (2021) | PH Marcos Pignani

Be part of listening in the vast landscape of Sounds.
NOISE is the message: 10 Years.
We recommend the Usage from HEADPHONES.
Integral Production: Franco Falistoco Araya with El NOISE is the Mensage and collaborators.
Thanks to Sol, for sharing his work and love with us.

You can follow some of the reviews issued at NOISES from our Blog.

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The Soundis El NOISE from Message.