Espace Plein #16

May 2021

The body as a territory of conflict

The body as a territory of conflict is a workshop of noise which presents a group of 20 people who for about an hour have their eyes closed and relate to the mental space of their own psyche, materializing and inhabiting it in a much more physical sense, of material determinism from other physical ones. From the physicalization of the wounded points, to the auscultation with a contact microphone as a channel for the extraction of those conflicts and those frictions that sometimes make it impossible for us to express ourselves. The noise and meditation as a process of extraction of the deepest pain. Workshop carried out for the "Bodies" conference held at the CSOA El Retal in April 2021.
Thanks to all the colleagues who made these days possible, which turned into a collective therapy love. Thanks to all the attendees, even though some of them felt overwhelmed and overwhelmed. I love you all.

+ info documents collected for self-training: