Espace Plein #24

June 2022

Welcome to Espace Plein, a territory of experimental sound documentaries. Spectralist games to navigate the experience of reality.

Espace Plein number 24 tells the story of a seasonal transit. From one territory to another from the daily life of art, as the only way to find ourselves.
A living journey that speaks of a body in translation, which inhabits two simultaneous places. The French Pyrenees and the Catalan Pyrenees.

Thanks to the matter of reality for sheltering all these manifestations. Thanks to the ecologists for defending our atmosphere, and to be able to continue to receive its physical properties and to make it possible for sound to still exist.

This program has been made possible by the people of San Gironsto the species that inhabit the French Pyrenees, to all the presences that, by the Konvent pass and their resonances that permeate all layers of reality. Thanks to Elsa Guerra and to the assembly, for welcoming me with so much love.
At the end we can listen to the music of Portal.