Espace Plein #3

December 2019

Espace Plein #3 is based on the actions with the students of the Francisco Drumond Schoolabout soundscapes and sound consciousness. You can listen to landscapes of the school, of the city of Angra do Heroísmo.

A series of classrooms were developed, in which concepts such as sound ecology, cultural identity, history, the different classifications of sounds that are part of a soundscape (cultural and natural), experimental notation to understand sound cartographies as a piece of sound, experimental music and the use of cell phones as a tool for creation were explained in a procedural way. All the sounds have been recorded by eighth grade students of the Francisco Drumond School: Leandro Sampaio, Francisco Mendes, Pedro Aguiar, Gonzalo Velho Vasco Rocha Tomás Gomes, Maria Martins, Iúri Abano, Tiago Oliveira, Luna Martins, Luis Toste, Pedro Toste, André Pereira, Matilde Tavares, Tiago Silva, Daniela Pimentel, Gustavo Pontes, Maria Avila, Inês Picanço, Santiago Soares, Simão Soares, Bianca Couto, Mariana Santos, Matilde Ferreira, Afonso Almeida, Francisco Gomes, Beatriz Mendoça, João Mendes, Leandra Toste Raul Macovei, Diogo Miranda, Jéssica Toste, Ricardo Pereira, Pedro Sousa, Paulo Duarte, Lucas Martins, José Adriano, Veronica Cunha.

The interviews conducted speak of the subjective experiences of the students as a conclusion to this project and the reflections derived on the soundscapes. The music that can be listened to is part of the compositional experience carried out in the residency.  Sonic Active at AADK Spain in June 2019 by muá.

Realized and produced in Terceira Islandsound mapping of the city of Angra do Heroísmo. 2019.