Espace Plein #9

October 2020


This program is a discursive path that opens a wormhole connecting two realities in Spain and Mexico, from a beginning to a beginning and in the middle, death. Rot as transcendence of tangible form, the context of life versus non-life, from material dust to virtualization, from the brain and the semantics of being to virtual forms of existing.

Thanks to my family for existing and giving me identity, I am what I am, and I embrace it. Thank you to the cycles of life and death for rooting me more wisely to this plane. Thanks to Josman for all the love of all these years, I feel at peace I wish you peace. Thanks to Juanma for the abstract philosophy that has helped me to contextualize the sound narrative. Thanks to MartinThe sound landscape and the portal that opens. Espace Plein 9produced by Ursula Bravo for TeslaFM 2020.