Esquizofonías o la palpitación del siglo #1

Passage 1

01. Voices of Maruja Mallo, Maria Casares, Frederic Marés and  Torrente Ballester extracted from the program In Depth from RTVE
02. Extracts from Victoria CirlotConference "Fairies: the marvelous feminine", Fundación Juan March, Buenos Aires.
03. Hildegard Von Bingen - "Voice of the Blood"
04. Chimera Boiler (Gabriel Prokofiev Remix) and Fat Stream (Nico Muhly's Piano Homage) from the album "Remixes and Interpretations of Music" by Meredith Monk
05. Ssiesge - "Remix bus 043 - dreamy pads of insecurity".
06. Excerpts from the film Pretty Woman
07. Hikaru Hayashi - Theme de l'eau (Soundtrack for The island)
08. Text by Angelica Liddel - Rameau's Nephew visits the cave paintings - Sacrifice as a poetic act. Editorial La Uña Rota.
09. Text by Frederic Marés - The fascinating world of collecting and antiques.
The rest of the tracks recorded and produced by Laura Romero and Zozobra.