Esquizofonias o la palpitación del siglo #1

Passage 1

01. Voices of Maruja Mallo, María Casares, Frederic Marés and Torrente Ballester extracted from the program A Fondo of RTVE
02. Excerpts from Victoria CirlotLecture "Fairies: the marvelous feminine", Fundación Juan March
03. Hildegard Von Bingen - "Voice of the Blood", Fundación Juan March.
04. Caldera Chimera (Gabriel Prokofiev Remix) and Fat Stream (Nico Muhly's Piano Homage) from the album "Remixes and Interpretations of Music" by Meredith Monk
05. Ssiesge - "Remix bus 043 - dreamy pads of insecurity".
06. Excerpts from the film Pretty Woman
07. Hikaru Hayashi - Theme de l'eau ( The island soundtrack)
08. Text by Angélica Liddel - El Sobrino de Rameau visita las cuevas rupestres - El sacrificio como acto poético. Editorial La Uña Rota.
09. Text by Frederic Marés - The fascinating world of collecting and antiques.

The rest of the tracks recorded and produced by Laura Romero and Zozobra.