Esquizofonías o la palpitación del siglo #3

Passage 3

01. David the Imp, chapter 1.
02. Audio from a Hollywood movie that I don't remember.
03. ZozobraAudio made for the return of the bones of a whale to the sea after being exposed for years in the zoo of Barcelona.
04. Reading of Pascal QuignardThe sexual night".
05. Interview with Rubinstein of the RTVE program "A Fondo".
06. Choir recorded in the church Santa Maria del Pi.
07. Victoria Cirlotconference "From Hildegard von Bingen to Max Ernst
08. Reading of Pascal QuignardThe sexual night".
09. Manuela Trasobares in the program "Parle Vosté, calle vosté". 1997
10. La Niña de los Peines "Quisiera yo renegar" Fragment:

"I would like to disown
I would like to deny
of this world in its entirety
back to living again
mare of my heart
back to living again
to see if in a new world
I found more truth."

11. Movie "Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema" 1969 Júlio Bressane and Rogério Sganzerla
12. Maruja Mallo in the RTVE program "A Fondo". April 14, 1980.
13. Excerpt from the movie "The never-ending story".
14. Reading of Pascal QuignardThe sexual night".
15. Manuela Trasobares in the documentary of Lola Merchán. 8 March 2022
16. Other audios not specified: Zozobra.