Schizophonias or the palpitation of the century #4

Passage 4

The garden

01. Reading of John Cage - Silence - Ardora Ediciones
02. Javanese Music:
03. Wendy Carlos - Beauty in the beast, from the album Beauty in the beast, 1986.
04. Reading of Maria Zambrano - "Claros de Bosque", by Laura Romero Valldecabres.
05. Reading of William Blake - "The fly" .
06. "At last the field" from anxiety.
07. Voice of Torrente Ballesterextracted from the program In Depth  of RTVE.
08. Reading of Pessoa - Book of uneasiness
09. David Lynch's Weather Report - 08/09/20
10. Music camouflaged in Lynch's words: Jaqueline Nova Songs of the earth - 1972
11. "The Living Garden" excerpt from the second chapter: "A jungle in the garden". RTVE 2002
12. Tarkovsky - Quote from the book "Sculpting in Time". Dostoevsky "The demoniacs" 1871-72
13. Plantasia. "You don't have to walk a begonia".
14. "Picnic in the circuit of anxiety.
15. "The living garden" excerpt from: "A miniature world".
16. The rest of the audios by anxiety.