Flushing Toilets #14

May 2020

The Untamed Beards_.Enrique del Castillo

01. Passacaglia of the Peruvian demons_The untamed beards_The night swimmer (2020)
*** Presentation of the project Las barbas indómitas, how long has it existed, and how would you define it?

02. Eosphorus the cooing_The untamed beards_The night swimmer (2020)

03. Vacuum cleaner detective_The untamed beards_The night swimmer (2020)
*** Being a totally DIY project (because it is, isn't it?) how is the composition / recording process?

04. The Day Achieved_The Untamed Beards_The Night Swimmer (2020)

05. Aerial_Enrique del Castillo_Untitled (2020)

06. El mar de los sargazos_Enrique del Castillo_Untitled (2020)
*** What would be your biggest musical influences? Or in any case, which artists do you think have helped you shape the sound of your project?

07. Nivea_TETENAL_Untitled (2020)

08. Motorcycle squall_TETENAL_Untitled (2020)

09. Minuet, dance of the resol_Enrique del Castillo_Suite de la parra (2019).

10. Trip_The untamed beards_Trying to fix it ended up breaking it altogether (2018).

11. Guatiné_TETENAL_Untitled (2020)
*** Listening to the last three albums, I can notice that there is a plastic and poetic component in them, as if they were inspired by film images and, in the case of the poetic, because of the titles themselves, they are like small poems... Within your influences, would you highlight any director, a specific film or any book or author?

12. Miss america learns to soar in the air_Oniropompo_Miss America lost in the jungle (2016).

13. Miss america lost in the jungle_Oniropompo_Miss America lost in the jungle (2016).

14. The virgin of the sewer drinks the blood of miss america_Oniropompo_Miss America lost in the jungle (2016).
***About the instruments used and the construction of these instruments

15. Coda melindrosa_Enrique del Castillo_Suite de la parra (2019).

16. Ritmo vodo 4_V00D0_Untitled (2020)

17. Sumurrut, my slave_The untamed beards_Trying to fix it ended up breaking it altogether (2018).

18. Sonoran Desert_Enrique del Castillo_Untitled (2020)

19. La isla de los caníbales_Enrique del Castillo_Not yet titled (2020)

20. Iwate_Enrique del Castillo_Not yet titled (2020)

***All projects are made up solely of Enrique del Castillo