Flushing Toilets #16

July 2020

Flushing Toilets_Robert Martinez_Mutan Monkey Instruments_Zonula

01. Presentation of Mutan Monkey Instruments: how the project was born. Brief history.
02. Zonula - Panopticon
03. Abject - Lotka
04. What does the Mutan Monkey Instruments project consist of?
05. The Sara Fontans + Álvaro Loroño - Finally, apathy and slippers
06. Martí Guillem - Delicious soliloquy
07. Fire - Heide
08. On the evolution and possibility of synergies in a project such as the following Mutan Monkey Instruments
09. IOM - Asshole clothing
10. iou3r - POG33
12. On the change of vision in the conception of music, learning to listen.
11. JJOS - Childhood's end
12. Zozobra - Anti-aircraft organ with cup
13. Farewell and explanation about the music involved with Mutan Monkey Instruments.
14. Rob&Ric - Perception
15. C-utter - Pandemonium

***All the songs heard in this program are part of the compilation for the fifth anniversary of the program.
anniversary of Mutan Monkey Instruments: for more info, visit: