Flushing Toilets #17

September 2020

Dê o Fora Seal!

Independent record label founded by Laura Del Vecchiowhich was joined by Fidel
few years later. They have released cassettes, albums and books, thus disseminating the
work of bands such as Rakta, Vertigo, Crosta, Powdered Blood, Yunclas, Black Buraco,
Lie, Cold War, Chroma and Pedro in Ibiza.


01. History of the Dê o Fora label
02. Rakta - In Search of the Circle
03. Vertigo - Ahula
04. Crosta - Refugis
05. What does it mean to have an independent label? How does it work?
06. Powdered Blood - Sa Ploma
07. Yunclas - Llingua officially dead
08. Black Buraco - Fogo
09. Which bands have been released by the label?
10. Lie - Couro Jacket
11. Cold War - The whole of humanity
12. Pedro in Ibiza - A Vida Foi Sugada de Mim e Andava Com Medo de Cair
13. What projects are coming soon?
14. Lie - Lies
15. Chroma - Intervention and Discipline
16. Rakta - Intenção
17. Cold War - Your sapphire's sapphire
18. Cold War - Fascism