Flushing Toilets #3

May 2019


01. Beatup A film about John Murphy in a squat in London 1980 with Nick Cave and Anita Lane. Music by Ollie Olsen. Made by Michael Buckley
02. Anita Lane and Nick CaveI Love Your Nor Do I
03. NicoRare interview during her short 1985 New Zealand tour
04. NicoMy Heart is Empty_Camera Obscura (1985)
05. Jutta Koether Performance at Galerie Francesca Pia, Z├╝rich (2008)_via VTV Classics (r3)
06. Cosey Fanni Tutti Interview - BBC Radio 4 'Woman's Hour
07. Throbbing GristleHot On The Heels Of Love_20 Jazz Fubk Greats (1979)
08. Chris and Cosey_Synaesthesia_Pagan Tango (1991)
09. Ana da SilvaThe Fear Song Live_via Resonance FM
10. Patti Smith interviewSRF Archiv_"Poets don't make money".