Milton Babbitt, January 29, 2021

This month's FMérides is dedicated to Milton Babbitt died just a decade ago at the age of 94 in Princeton. Babbitt is one of the pioneers of electronic music since the 1960s when he started working for RCA as a specialist in charge of exploiting the possibilities of the Mark II synthesizer. While most "scientific musicians" of the time delved into the timbral possibilities of electronics, Babbitt was much more interested in the superhuman rhythmic precision that could be achieved with synthesizers such as the one marketed by RCA. Radio Corporation of America for whom he worked.

01. Milton Babbitt - Three Compositions for Piano
02. George Russell, Harold Shapero, Charlie Mingus, Milton Babbitt & Gunther Schuller - All Set 
03. Milton Babbitt - Philomel
04. Milton Babbitt - String Quartet No. 2 
05. Milton Babbitt - Post-Partitions for piano 
06. Milton Babbitt - Minute Waltz (or 3/4 + 1/8) for Piano