Ibidem #6

October 2020

Originally from Montpellier in the south of France, he spent 13 years in San Francisco and Montreal before moving to Berlin, Valentin has dedicated much of his life to music, a journey that has seen him play piano and drums, and step up to the decks at the age of 16. These days, when he's not DJing or producing, he's running his new label, 11001 Records - the first vinyl release is next month. Plus, there's already news of a few more EPs and an album on the way. In this mix, you'll hear 3 upcoming releases that will be part of an experimental ambient album called "Lucid Voices".

He is also co-founder of Teufelsberg Domecast, a series of experimental ambient podcasts with a unique sound installation. Focusing on live performances that take place in the Dots Gallery and are sent into the natural acoustic reverberation of the dome at the top of the main building.