Ibidem #8

January 2021

Ivano Pecorini is a composer, and sound artist based in London. His works moving across experimental approaches and aesthetic investigations, focused on the manipulation and mixture between concrete materials, synthesis and acoustic instruments.
 His body of work maintains both a sharp creative focus and a wide-eyed spirit of exploration, creating unexpected electronic soundscapes. He investigates the relationship between timbre and harmony through electro-acoustic compositions, A/V music, and sound art.


Tracks list:

01. Ivano Pecorini – Antiphona
02. Af Ursin – Aphanes
03. Ab Uno – Ani malia
04. Lichens – M St r ng W tchcr ft L v ng n Sp r t
05. Sam Slater – Blade For A Double Edged Sword
06. Carlo Giustini – Maria del Rovere
07. Michele Andreotti – Momentary Shudder in a Vacant Room
08. Klara Lewis – Want
09. Loris S. Sarid – Adaptor
10. Deaf – Center entity voice
11. Sarah Davachi – Evensong
12. Roberto Musci – Voices Of The Ancient
13. Ivano Pecorini – Ice cream truck