Phonos Files #13

June 2021

In the 13th installment of The Phonos Archives, we go back to 1984, the year in which the first Phonos Cuenca Electroacoustic Music Conferencedirected by Enrique X. Maciasand the First Electroacoustic Composition Seminar of Cuencataught by Horacio Vaggione. In the same year, Artur Palaudarias in Barcelona, Spain. Introduction to Electroacoustic Music SeminarThis is the beginning of years of summer music specialization courses. In this program we will listen to three compositions for fixed support presented during the annual week of Phonos Concerts at the Joan Miró Foundation of Barcelona, in June 1984. Works by Enrique Macias, Josep Manuel Berenguer, y Artur Palaudarias.


01. (05'07'') Enrique X. MaciasLied für Maria (1982)
02. (18'22'') Josep Manuel BerenguerThe Thought that works towards the light (1984)
03. (43'43'') Artur PalaudariasPiamo (1984)