Phonos Files #14

July 2021

In The Phonos 14 Archives we recovered the concert of the Phonos Instrumental Group in the 33rd edition of the Darmstadt New Music CoursesThe Phonos Group was a reference event for avant-garde music in the second half of the twentieth century. The Phonos Group was constituted on this occasion by seven composers/performers from the Phonos Laboratory environment, who offered a concert for 4 guitars, 2 flutes, piano and electronics (in Spanish).Jep Nuix, Jordi Russinyol, Juan José Ordinas, Claudio Zulián, Oriol Graus, Josep Manuel Berenguer and Juan Antonio Moreno).


(02'52'') Jep Nuix: L'Inizio (1986) for flute and tape (Nuix)
(19'54'') Jordi Russignol: Splasshhh...! (1985) for guitar (Russignol)
(24'23'') Juan José Ordinas & Claudio Zulian: The Book of Excesses (1986) for flute, guitar and tape (Ordinas, Zulian)
(29'00'') Oriol Graus: Textura II (1982) for 3 guitars (Graus, Ordinas, Russignol)
(49'52'') Josep Manuel Berenguer: El Ponent Excessiu (1985) for 2 guitars and Tape (Russignol, Berenguer)