Phonos Files #20

February 2022

In the 20th issue of The Phonos Archives we continue the monographic on RSF Kobol started in the previous program. On this occasion, we present works generated around the exhibition "Phonos, 40 years of electronic music in Barcelona", presented at the Museum of Music of Barcelona, and in which Perfecto Herrera and Andrés Lewin-Ricter presented works developed with the Kobol. In addition, we presented works for the Kobol de Estefania A.A. and Róc Jiménez de Cisneros.


(03'36") Demo with the RSF Kobol by Perfecto Herrera
02. (11'44") Andrés Lewin-Ricther (2014) Homage to Norman McLaren
03. (19'37") Estefania A. A. (2014) Introspection
04. (32'47") Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (2014) Kobol-acid-Inflatable-Jump