Phonos Files #23

May 2022

In program number 23 we place ourselves in the most absolute contemporaneity to present some of the names that during the month of May 2022 have passed through Phonos. We open the program with a cut from the recently released album Interpreting Quantum Randomness, an original idea by Reiko Yamada with a multitude of collaborations. We continue with works of James Bradbury and Ted Moorecomposers in residence at Phonos during this month, and we close the program with compositions of Mattuieu Guillin, Julien Guillamat and Bérangère Maximinthree electroacoustic composers from the south of France who will visit us to present their new works live.


01. (01'30") Reiko Yamada and Artur MajewskiRabi (from the album Interpreting Quantum Randomness, 2022)
02. (10'28") James Bradbury: G09 (from the album Interferences, 2022)
03. (20'36") Ted Moore and Ben Roidl-Ward: May 8, 2018 (from the album Bruit, 2022)
04. (34'03") Matthieu Guillin: Vaguer (2016)
05. (43'04") Julien Guillamat: De Part et d'autre (2010)
06. (50'15") Bérangère Maximin: Day 41 (from the album Land Of Waves, 2022)