Phonos Files #25

July 2022

This program closes the series of 25 installments of The Phonos Archives, in which we have tried to offer story threads to facilitate the approach to the sound archive of the Phonos Foundation. We open this end-of-season program with Nostalgia for the Absolutea composition of Demian Luna premiered at Phonos on June 30, 2022. Below, we take a look at current projects by several of the artists selected in the Phonos 2022 Summer-Fall Call for Artists-in-Residence.


(03'19") Demian Luna: Nostalgia for the Absolute (2022)
(24'13") Gabriel Saber (La Incendiaria Collective): Mashup (2022)
(39'39") Jordi Pallarés & Alexandre Cahen: The Line Became River (Axis of Resonance, II) (2022)
(47'11") Oliver Eric Vinent: Fractals 103 (2022)
(56'42") Kai Landre: Broken into small pieces of faith (2022)