Luna Llena #20

Egypt and the moon

At last we leave Europe to enter a society far away in space and time, full of secrets and imaginary worlds. We will approach a different cosmogony, which tells us of other gods, other sciences, other knowledge. The culture of the Tigris and Euphrates, the civilisation of the dead: Egypt.

Un encolado sonoro por Ea7_dmZ y Ishak Benavides.

Musical themes and sound recordings:

01. Personal field recording.
02. Egyptian meditation for Akhenaton.
03. Pulvis et Umbra - Psychostasis
04. Tears of Isis - War Song of Horus and Sekhmet
05. Juan Carlos Clemente - The Moon in Ancient Egypt
06. Phil Niblock, Zwerm Guitar Quartet - Two Lips
07. Manuel Jose Delgado Martínez - The Pyramid Enigma, part 2
08. Intro - Pharaoh(Jerzy Kawalerowicz,1966)
09. The Moon in Ancient Egypt (Egyptian Mythology)
10. Ancient Egyptian music meditation background
11. Brainticket - Egyptian kings
12. Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer rising 1 (1967)
13. Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Cameltrain
14. A scene + final - Pharaoh(Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1966)