Full Moon #7

Etüde um Der Blaue Engel 

The idea of selecting The blue angel (Der blaue engel) from Josef von Sternberg is because it was the first sound film to receive near-universal critical approval as a sound film.  released on April 1, 1930.

Marlene Dietrich achieved stardom by co-starring with the then-celebrated Emil Jannings. Her daring role as the cabaret girl Lola-Lola who leads a respectable professor to perdition caused an international sensation; especially because she sang insinuating lyrics while showing her thighs at a time when commercial cinema was very prudish and more or less erotic films circulated only clandestinely. In 1933 The blue angel would be banned in Germany by the Nazi regime.

The sound recordings have been taken to deconstruct them in the form of a piece of concrete music divided into two pieces, created respectively by ea7_dmZ and Johannes de Silentio.

Presents: Shak Benavides
00:01:54 ea7_dmZ - Etüde um Der Blaue Engel, 1 teil
00:31:54 Johannes de Silentio- Etüde um Der Blaue Engel, 2 teil

Image design: Josep Mª Soler Solá and Shak Benavides