MaracaLab #1

January 2021

The Exploding Fest

A collective of improvisers: musicians, performers, dancers and choreographers have been coming together for 6 years to explode in a unique event in Barcelona with a very low budget but very high emotions, under the name of The Exploding Festin homage to the improvised artistic explosions of The Exploding Plastic Inevitable, organized by Andy Warhol. The festival had been held at Hangar's Ricson and last year on floor 0 of Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de Creació. On October 3, they took to the street, a public square historically marked by claims against real estate speculation. Hand in hand with the Vallcarca AssemblyThe event was marked by the relocation of free spaces of expression and by the exceptional health situation.

In this first episode of MaracaLab we can hear the voices, music and heels of: Adrián Vega, Adriano Galante, Anna Hierro, Anna Pantinat, Blanca Tolsá, Edi Pou, Enric Casasses, Fruta (Luis García), Gloria Ros, Jaime L. Pantaleón, Juan Luis Batalla, Kike Bela, Laia Duran, Llapispanc, Marina Herlop, Mark Cunningham, Nando Cruz, Nico Roig, Nora Haddad, Núria Martínez-Vernis, Oriol Roca, Paloma Muñoz, Pere Pretel, Roger Peláez, Tarta Relena, Tanit Cobas, Violeta Barrio and Yolanda Jiménez.