MaracaLab #10

June 2022

Ullal FestFestival of incisive photography, took place from May 12 to 14 at Can Batlló. The proposal from Femart, from Ca la Dona, counted with the participation of 31 visual projects and 28 collectives such as: Fils Feministes, Higo Mental, Stop Mare Mortum, Mal de Ojo, Primavera Gorda, Fotomovimiento, Tanquem els Cies, La Fondona, Se va a armar la gorda, Espectros de lo Urbano, among others.

Ullalada nf. 1 The action of sticking a critical and creative gaze on a piece of reality that has been chewed up, in order to materialize the image of its new flavor. 2 neologism that comes from the conjunction of the actions/images of looking and chewing and that indicates the political/artistic incidence that the photographic practice can exert.

In this hypervisual world full of capturing devices, images play a fundamental role as instruments of repression.

Images are primordial for the formation, constitution and expression of human subjectivity and they are the ones that outline a great part of the designs of our forms of life in common.

Our "productive", generative and creative capacity diminishes as we "consume" screens of prefabricated reality.

This rapture of images has been propitiated by the hetero-white man, rich and owner of the avalanche of media that vomit them.

The "obedient" image factories have to be exposed and overcome.
ULLAL urgently calls for a radical "squatting" of this sad and reduced imaginary.