MaracaLab #2

February 2021

Colze a Colze, Jornades de suport a la música en viu (Support days for live music)

What does a music festival that has been cancelled sound like? What goes through a musician's head when he or she cannot play? How does the cancellation of an event affect the organizer? What are we left with when we lose these social, cultural and community spaces, these possibilities for collective catharsis? Colze to Colze is a festival organized by the cooperative Quesoni which allows Km0 musicians to play and earn income in a disastrous year. It was to replace, with a more concentrated format, the already cancelled Say it Loud. But the Colze a Colze could not be celebrated either...

With the participation in this second episode of: Emma Giné and Pablo Tudela (Quesoni), Rodrigo Laviña, Queralt Lahoz, Miguelito Superstar, Adriano Galante, Marcel-lí Bayer, Hylin Bruno, Txell Neddermann, Pablo Schwarzmann, Pau Vidal, Genís Bou and the audience that could NOT attend (Gemma, Agustín and Joana).