MaracaLab #3

March 2021

Seismes had always been the open party of the resident artists of the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory; in 2020 the party was transformed into an appointment to participate in Community Survival Rituals on the first weekend of December, within the framework of the Sant Andreu Festival (or rather the No Festival due to a major health crisis). The artists prepared for the occasion ad hoc pieces in what they called a "Community Survival Kit", with the reading of a manifesto full of RES: reimagining ourselves, rewriting ourselves, restarting ourselves. 

In this third episode of MaracaLab participate with voices and music: Radio Whisky Bar (Gisela Cano and Marta García) and Ràdio Fabra (Christian Len); Aalbers, Adrián García, Aldo Aranda, Blood Quartet, Càndid Coll, Claudio Correa, Irma Marco, Jessica Moroni, Juan J. Ochoa, Kike Bela, Liviana, Luca Carrubba, Manuela Frudá, María Ibarra, Mar Merino, María Escobedo, Meritxell Virgili, Ominira, Pamela Briones, Ramon Casamajó, Sofía Zunino and Yolanda Jiménez.