MaracaLab #4

May 3rd

The Fira Literal is an event that is held in May, but in 2020 it had to be held in December as La Literal d'Hivern. It is a meeting of books and critical, radical and shaking ideas. It is a bastion of resistance that understands culture as an essential service, as a tool for community articulation and social cohesion, essential in the face of isolation and individualization. It is an open and safe meeting place. More than 100 publishers gathered to confirm this event in a hybrid format: the book fair, online, and the dialogues, in a face-to-face format.

With the voices of: Abel Azcona, Javier Sáez, Lucas Platero, Willy Toledo, Xavi Urbano, Eloi Aymerich, Alcira Padín, Helena Ojeda, Liliana Arroyo, Max Carbonell, Pol Andinyach, Íngrid Guardiola, Marta Segarra, David Fernández, Lu Rois, Laura Arau, Laura Huerga, Rafa Arques, Salvador Cobo.


The Ex - State of Shock
Trans AM - Positive People
Lu Rois - Endins Forest
Biznaga - 2K20
Propagandhi - Resisting Tyrannical Government
Arpanet - Wireframe Images
Vatican Shadow - Church of All Images