MaracaLab #6

September 2021

Red Magic is an unclassifiable cultural association. Its philosophy is summarized in: Any way, but not any way. Survival is part of utopia. End the tyranny of irony. Embrace the light even if it means your cross.

Producers, promoters, cultural agitators; record label, space for meetings and debates, and until December 2019, a place for concerts, performances and other actions that are difficult to label. Thousands of artists, national and international, have passed through there, have performed or have been inspired, in a curatorship that does not leave indifferent, that illuminates and awakens to new dimensions, brave and original, that leads to a place of no return, where it only remains to move towards the unknown by letting oneself be guided. A unique project difficult to compare.

Music in alphabetical order: AkauzazteAgiaren etorrera"; Ca de BestiarChicos Salvajes"; Caramuerto (B5), "That winter"; ChicaloyohBoli Armenii"; JacoSouth"; Walkelkontakt (Heal the Split)Papamummy); ZozobraYour body".