MaracaLab #8

January 2022

The Ombra Festival was born from the hand of OMBRA Agency and Oráculo Records, a reference label in darkwave, with the aim of creating a meeting place for lovers of analog and avant-garde sounds that do not fit in the current cultural offer.

In its third edition it has returned to offer concerts, performances and installations around electronic music, EBM, techno, synth pop and company. The Ombra brings together artists, producers, DJs and fans of this music scene, and that makes the festival can boast an audience with a fine palate, a very knowledgeable and dedicated to listening and dancing.

Experimentation, synthesizers, abstract landscapes, rough noises, fluidity, contrasts, industrial buildings and old prisons. Or in other words: a collective catharsis.

Interviews with: Julia Bondar, Nico Cabañas, Raul Gayo, Elisabeth Linden (Vinilette), Serge Llorca (4Cantons), Angel Molina.

01. Julia Bondar - Concrete
02. Leroy se Meurt - Retour Poussière
03. Eraserhead OST - In Heaven
04. 4Cantons - Intempo
05. Vinilette - Where to go
06. Julia Bondar - Strength in softness
07. Angel Molina - Consequences (Wax Sessions III)
08. Angel Molina - More (Wax Sessions III)
09. Miracolo a Milano OST - Theme from Miracolo a Milano
10. Neural Circus - Exit
11. Front 242 - Tragedy For You
12. Liquid Sky OST
13. Geometric Splendor - 30 kms radius (Varitatis remix)
14. Justin Love - Touch the sky