Modulism #10

Serge-O-Voxes 5.1, part 2

Welcome to our new Modulisme show!
Serge -o- Voxes is a series of compositions made with the Serge synthesizer and published through our Modulisme platform.
You are listening to volume 5 celebrating 50 years since the creation of SERGE "the people's synthesizer".
A tribute, assembled in secret, because I wanted to prepare a surprise for Serge Tcherepnin, its inventor...
You will hear Jonas Broberg, Batchas, Anthony Capelli, Espen Friberg, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Jesper Pedersen, Øivind Olsen, Rastko Lazić, James Collins, Onyx Zones, Friends of Rocky, Allinaire, Mark Lentczner and SolarReturn.
May Serge be with you!