Onda Ramera #2

October 2, 2023

This program is a walk of sonic interrelationships between light and darkness, between life and death, between sound and silence, inspired by the autumnal equinox and the October eclipses.

01. The mourners told by Angeles Varas at Baltanás for the Archive of Oral Tradition (Ethnographic Museum of Castilla y León, 2002).
02. Whale song (Oceania Project, 2008)
03. Robertina Sebjanic, Aquatocene - Subaquatic Quest For Serenity (self-published, 2016).
04. Takashi Kokubo, Memory of Summer and Distant Blue Star in Oasis of The Wind II - A Story of Forest and Water (Studio Ion, 1993)
05. Alnoor Ladha and Sophie Strand in Deschooling Dialogues Podcast (Kosmos Journal/Culture Hack Labs, 2023)
06. David George Haskell, Origins + Endings in Listening Pasts - Listening Futures (World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, 2023)
07. Viv Corringham, Town With Sea in Walking (Innova Recordings, 2013)
08. Frankie Avalon - Venus (Chancellor, 1959)
09. The Funz, Uranus in Ethereal Transects: The Lore of Celestial Objects (Folklore Tapes, 2019)
10. Alice Coltrane - Wisdom Eye and Spiritual Eternal in Eternity (Warner Bros, 1976).
11. Le Butcherettes - Wounds Belong To Me on Don't Bleed (Rise Records, 2020)